How Extinction Rebellion climate change zealots – including a baronet’s Cambridge-educated granddaughter – are paid £400 a week to bring mayhem to our streets

How Extinction Rebellion climate change zealots are paid £400 a week to bring mayhem to our streets, by Holly Bancroft.

Most of the thousands of activists who brought chaos to London last week were unpaid volunteers, but a select number are claiming the funds which enable them to dedicate their efforts to the protest group …

A dossier of files from within XR reveals the inner workings of the protest movement and its finances. They show how:

  • Activists have been paid more than £200,000 since the start of the scheme;
  • The cost of the payments is increasing by ‘at least £40,000 a month’;
  • Activists are targeting ‘high net worth individuals’ for more funds;
  • They spent £5,000 on a camping tour of Europe for key members. …

But XR’s documents raise concerns about the fact that it has paid no tax or National Insurance on these sums, and questioned the employment status of activists. …

Extinction Rebellion activists have drawn up plans to attract activists who are ‘poor’ and from ethnic minorities in a bid to change the white, middle-class make-up of the movement.

And that’s just the UK. The warmist side has huge resources, able to plan and execute a global event like this.

One of the warmist conspiracy theories is that climate skeptics get paid by big oil or something. No, we only get donations from ordinary people, live on a pretty small budget, and there are very few of us. No rivers of tax dollars for putting pointing out or finding the flaws in the carbon dioxide theory of global warming. Ever seen any signs of a big skeptic PR budget? Or any budget at all? Didn’t think so.