Chinese Political Correctness Rules in the USA

Chinese Political Correctness Rules in the USA. By Michael Every.

The NBA and South Park (and Tiffany and Marriot and Delta, etc., etc.) issue over US freedom of speech vs. Chinese sensibilities has now escalated to the extent that a bipartisan group of US members of Congress have penned an open letter to the NBA president stating “It is outrageous that the Communist Party of China is using its economic power to suppress the speech of Americans inside the United States,” criticizing the NBA for failing to put “fundamental democratic rights ahead of profit” and for being ill-equipped to deal with the foreseeable “challenges of doing business in a country run by a repressive single party government.”…

In short, not only are US-China trade talks going badly — so badly they are going to end early — but the political mood is now moving towards a broad-spectrum confrontation over economic power and the political values it can then dictate –- again not a surprise to us given our long-standing argument that this was never about trade per se.

Meanwhile Apple and Google are doing the bidding of the Communist Chinese Government by removing apps that the HK demonstrators used to tell where the brutal police were striking.

It’s as if the Communists were telling the US how to behave.