Trump’s Tweet on Turkey: Is Politics Dumbing Down?

Trump’s Tweet on Turkey: Is Politics Dumbing Down? By David Evans.

After fulfilling a campaign promise and withdrawing the last few US troops from Syria, President Trump issued the following warming to Turkey. Note the casual language.

Trump was notable among the candidates in the 2016 Republican primary for using simpler language in public. He spoke at a grade 4 level, while the other candidates spoke at year 7 to 9 levels.

The average IQ of the US population is dropping, due to social policy encouraging smarter women to have careers rather than kids, welfare, and by importing new voters from the third world. Perhaps Trump’s communication style is now more effective, and the way of the future? Obviously the political elite hate his subliminal appeal to the less intelligent, which seems to be part of the unspoken criticism of him being “un-presidential.”

But that tweet breaks new ground. Can you imagine any previous US President or other major western leader saying anything like that on a serious matter? Reminds me of the President in Idiocracy: