Britain’s Politically Correct Police Are an Embarrassing Joke

Britain’s Politically Correct Police Are an Embarrassing Joke, by James Delingpole.

If you fear Western Civilisation is falling apart and that all our institutions have been corrupted beyond measure by fashionable leftist idiocies and plain dumbed-down incompetence, then really, really don’t read the report published today by London’s Metropolitan Police.

It’s called the Henriques Report, after Sir Richard Henriques, the retired judge who wrote it in 2016. Up until now, it has been kept partially secret — via heavy redactions — and you can well see why our corrupt, failing, self-serving Establishment has been so reluctant to publish it, the police especially.

It is, quite likely, the most shaming, damning, embarrassing indictment of police incompetence and stupidity since Sir Robert Peel founded the Metropolitan Police over two centuries ago.

To appreciate how embarrassing, here’s a thought experiment. Suppose a random guy were to claim to the FBI that he had been sexually abused by a secret, murderous ring of supposed high-level paedophiles including the late President Ford, General Petraeus, Rush Limbaugh, Richard Simmons, John Brennan and George Foreman, how do you think they’d respond?

Yes, I know the FBI has problems of its own, but I think pretty soon that they would form the impression that the guy making these ludicrous claims was a crackpot.

They would conduct the interviews with due scepticism; they would investigate his claims and see whether there was any evidence whatsoever to corroborate them. And in the absence of this evidence they would tell the nutjob where to go. Or possibly prosecute him for wasting police time.

Not so the British police. Presented with a similar lunatic paedophile ring scenario to the one I’ve just outlined above, they decided to ‘believe the victim’ by default and squander £2.5 million investigating — or rather not investigating — allegations so ridiculous that even an amoeba with learning difficulties would laugh them out of court.

The protagonists in this high level Paedo Ring of Doom scenario according to the complainant — a chap named Carl Beech — included the following: Field Marshal Lord Bramall, a former head of the Army who was wounded on D-Day; Harvey Proctor, a mild-mannered, gay former MP; Paul Gambaccini, a DJ; Leon Brittan, a former Home Secretary; Edward Heath, formerly a Prime Minister; and the former heads of MI5 and MI6.

Edward Heath, UK PM 1970 – 74

Together, apparently, this cabal had met to torture and sexually abuse Carl on a regular basis. On one occasion, they presented Carl and three other boys with a terrible dilemma: ‘We were told that one of us was going to die and we had to decide which one.’ They then – allegedly – beat one of the other boys to death. Proctor, so Beech told police, was the most sadistic. On another occasion he tried to chop off Beech’s testicles with a pair of scissors, only to be dissuaded by former Prime Minister Ted Heath.

Does any of this sound remotely plausible?

The police decided it was, one senior officer going so far as to declare at a press conference that Beech’s evidence was ‘credible and true.’ …

But the senior echelons of the police, including the chiefs of more than one constabulary, were thoroughly convinced that if a random stranger claims a backbench MP once tried to chop off his balls with a pair of scissors only to prevented at the last minute by the Prime Minister while various senior army officers looked on then the balance of probability is that this is what happened. …

All the famous names traduced by Carl Beech — those that weren’t fortunate enough to have died beforehand — had their reputations dragged through the mud, their livelihoods ruined, their families traumatised, their time and money squandered in police interviews and legal costs. So now having forked out £2.5 million on an investigation which should have been squashed before it began, the taxpayer will soon be on the hook for yet more millions of pounds in the compensation which — quite rightly — is going to be paid out by the police to the blameless victims of their fatuous witch-hunt. …

The worst thing about it is that not one of the police officers involved in this disgraceful — and totally avoidable — cock-up has been formally admonished, let alone punished. …

The left bears responsibility:

Essentially, the police has been emasculated, corrupted, destroyed by political correctness.

Henriques notes, for example, that for some time — especially with regard to sexual offences — the police has been operating an “always believe the victim” policy. …

We all know that people lie. This is certainly true in lots of alleged rape and sexual abuse cases: some complainants use them as a means of revenge; some, perhaps, to cover up their embarrassment over an infidelity or over regret sex; some because they are mentally disturbed; some because they want to get on the compensation bandwagon.

“Always believe the victim,” it ought to be obvious to anyone with even half a brain, is an open invitation to the Carl Beeches of this world to go to the police with all manner of elaborate fantasies and — as in Carl Beech’s case — to be rewarded with compensation, media attention and attempted prosecutions. …

Henriques … doesn’t — though of course he could have done, had he had space — cite the police’s lamentable failure over a period of several decades to stop the mass rape of thousands of white and Sikh, often underage girls by organised Muslim rape gangs. One reason for this, we know from subsequent inquiries, is that the police were more concerned about not appearing ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ than they were about stopping little girls from being groomed, drugged, raped, and sometimes killed by much older men.