Breathless attempts to nail Trump will rebound on partisan journalists

Breathless attempts to nail Trump will rebound on partisan journalists, by Chris Mitchell.

History will judge the media’s ­reporting of the Trump years harshly, and not just for bias but for what former Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer describes as its lack of forensic skill.

Coming on the heels of the failed Russiagate probe, the Democrats’ impeachment strategy over a July 25 presidential phone call will most likely ensure the re-election of the President. Trump behaved like a transactional businessman on the phone to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. …


The Mueller report released in April found what many expected. Russia did interfere in the 2016 US election but it was not at Trump’s request. To the extent people surrounding his campaign were involved with Russians they were on the periphery, often inexperienced and trying to make a buck for themselves.

Politically this has been payback for Trump’s prosecution of the Hillary Clinton emails saga and his involvement in the “birther” conspiracy against president Barack Obama. Even today, people defending House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment moves point back to the Republican campaign against president Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

The likely result?

While I don’t believe in conspiracies, reforming politicians understand bureaucracies resist change. … Or as prominent civil libertarian lawyer Alan Dershowitz, an opponent of impeachment, has written, the legal and intelligence systems should never usurp the ballot box.

Why do I believe impeachment will benefit Trump? Because the Republican-controlled Senate will veto impeachment and in the process Trump’s lawyers will have the right to interview anyone they like connected to allegations investigated, including Hillary Clinton, Christopher Steele, James Clapper, John Brennan and James Comey. All under oath.