Welcome to Australia: Forced to Kiss the Shoes of a Muslim Classmate, Called A ‘Dirty Jew’

Welcome to Australia: Forced to Kiss the Shoes of a Muslim Classmate, Called A ‘Dirty Jew’ By Ben Cohen. (See also here and here.)

In an interview with the Melbourne-based Age newspaper on Thursday, the mother of the 5-year-old disclosed that her son was repeatedly taunted and laughed at over his circumcised penis — to the point where he began to wet himself in class rather than go to the toilet.

Other insults faced by the little boy at Melbourne’s Hawthorne West Primary School included epithets like “you dirty Jew” and “Jewish cockroach.” His parents began investigating whether there was a problem after the child began wetting his bed at home and complained about going to school. One morning, he reportedly told his mother, “‘Mummy, you shouldn’t love me. I’m a worthless, Jewish rodent. I’m vermin,” while she was making his breakfast. …

The 12-year-old boy, meanwhile, was subjected to several months of antisemitic abuse that began with an incident in which he was forced to kiss the shoes of a Muslim fellow-student.

Interviewed by The Australian Jewish News (AJN), the boy’s mother revealed that her son had been lured into a public park by fellow students who invited him to play football.

As soon as he arrived, The AJN reported, he was presented with an ultimatum: Bow down and kiss the feet of a Muslim child, or face the threat of violence by the nine other 12 and 13-year-olds. Vastly outnumbered, the student complied. The incident was photographed, filmed and posted on Instagram.

In the ensuing months, the student was also subjected to antisemitic slurs including “Jewish ape,” “Jewish n****r” and “Jewish gimp.” He was followed home from school daily, and physically assaulted in the school corridor by an assailant who called him “a cooked up Jewish c__.”

“He had been punched in the face. The whole left side of his back was bruised. He had a gouge of skin out of his shoulder,” the student’s mother told The AJN. The attack resulted in hospital treatment and the boy — whose ordeal took place at the prestigious Cheltenham Secondary College, where the tuition fees for foreign students can cost up to $14,000 annually — continues to suffer from acute anxiety.

Maybe Australia has made a terrible mistake, letting in people with a certain totalitarian ideology from the seventh century, and allowing them to keep that ideology going. But we’re not allowed to talk about that.

This item barely made the news in Australia. Imagine if the identity groups were different. Suppose it was white males bullying an aboriginal or Islamic kid — reckon it might have been big news then? Of course, that would mean that our media is racist and bigoted, wouldn’t it? I mean, treating people differently on the basis of their race. Disgusting.