Former Yahoo engineer admits using his access to steal users’ sexual images

Former Yahoo engineer admits using his access to steal users’ sexual images. By Dan Goodin.

A former Yahoo software engineer has pleaded guilty to hacking into thousands of users’ accounts in search of sexually explicit images and videos and other types of private data.

Reyes Daniel Ruiz on Monday admitted to using his access as a Yahoo engineer to compromise about 6,000 user accounts, federal prosecutors said. The engineer, now 34, cracked user passwords and accessed internal Yahoo systems to access the accounts. He told prosecutors he targeted accounts belonging to younger women, including personal friends and work colleagues.

He used his access to the Yahoo accounts to compromise victims’ accounts on other services, including iCloud, Facebook, Gmail, and Dropbox, in search of additional private images and videos.

After a former employer observed suspicious account activity, Ruiz admitted to destroying the computer and hard drive he used to store the private data, prosecutors said.

No! We were told that our data was private, and that uploading our secrets to other people’s computers via the Internet was safe!

Btw, isn’t Google looking out for us? After all, Google is free, and they (used to) say they did no evil. Such a nice, colorful website too. Come with us they said, get in our car and we’ll give you free candy.