Trump Asks Morrison To Explain What Downer Was Up To

Trump Asks Morrison To Explain What Downer Was Up To, by Andrew Bolt.

Donald Trump asked Scott Morrison to explain the role of one of our key diplomats in starting the now-discredited claim that Trump colluded with Russia …

Downer has denied he was part of any FBI plot in meeting a junior Trump advisor, George Papadopoulos, and then advising the Turnbull Government that Papadopoulos had information from the Russians …

When it came to explaining how this fake claim started and who pushed it, Special Investigator Robert Mueller was disturbingly silent in testifying this year about his report, which did not find Trump actually colluded with Russia. …

How did this fake news that Trump colluded with Russia actually start? Who set the whole fakery in action? Who started what amounts to an attempted soft coup against an elected president?

Was it [Joseph Mifsud], who planted the idea with Papadopoulos that Russia had the goods on Hillary Clinton? Was it Mifsud, who then saw Papadopoulos tell Australian High Commission Alexander Downer in a pub in London who then told the Australian Government which then told the FBI which then used that report to further justify its investigation?

Or was Mifsud himself used by anti-Trump forces in the FBI or State Department to bring down Trump, and was Downer asked or manipulated into meeting Papadopoulos to help kick the whole thing along? (Downer denies it. So does Mifsud.)

All this and more does indeed need to be investigated. It seems another special investigator is needed — to investigate a possible plot to bring down the president.

Great distraction for Trump from the business of governing and reversing the damaging done by the globalists. Or maybe that’s what this mysterious and unexplained conundrum about nothing is all about.