Stop the Impeachment Madness!

Stop the Impeachment Madness! By John Hinderaker.

The GOP is beginning to fight back against the Democrats’ impeachment mania. …

I continue to think the Democrats’ impeachment mania is utterly insane. In my opinion, Trump did nothing blameworthy — let alone impeachable! — in his anodyne call with President Zelensky.

The Democrats possibly thought they had something more substantial, based on the whistleblower’s Democratic Party activist’s hearsay account, but the activist’s claims blew up like an exploding cigar when Trump preemptively released the transcript of his conversation with President Zelensky.

Now the Democrats are relying on hysteria, egged on by a ridiculously biased press. Will voters figure out at some point that they’ve got nothing? Let’s hope so.

Most people on the left still believe “hands up, don’t shoot” actually happened, to take one of several recent examples. The media/left can probably make many people go to their graves believing a non-existent version of this too.