To Hell with the Elites

To Hell with the Elites. It’s time for the president to build a big, beautiful door in the wall of propaganda that papers over the actions of America’s ruling class. And make the Democrats pay for it. By Matthew Peterson.

Asking for the assistance of our global friends and allies to help reveal the wrongdoing of the American ruling class is now an impeachable offense. Investigating their wrongdoing is wrongdoing. Exposing their corruption is corruption. In the Clown World we currently inhabit, the president of the United States must be removed from office for daring to ask they be investigated abroad.

The Ukraine fiasco reveals the real underlying cause of the Left’s outrageously hypocritical march towards impeachment. The ruling class is now effectively saying to President Trump: “We know that domestically we have nothing to fear from the media and the law—so how dare you ask other countries about us! You must be impeached for this crime and this crime alone—asking other countries about our wrongdoing!” …

Oh the hypocrisy:

Note that while asking other nations about the wrongdoing of Democrats is an impeachable offense, asking other nations about the alleged wrongdoing of Republicans is considered our noble, patriotic duty — our higher loyalty.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign had no problem with investigating Trump in other nations and paying foreign operatives for dirt about Trump. After all, that’s what ex-British spy Christopher Steele was hired to do. And the media had no problem with spreading it.

The Obama Administration had no problem asking Ukraine about Paul Manafort and his financial transactions with government officials, which were soon mysteriously released. Nor did the Obama Administration have a problem surveilling the Trump campaign using foreigners and investigating Trump and his team internationally.

And many Democrats had no problem with impeaching the president based on what those foreigners said. When that turned out to be uncorroborated nonsense, they said he must be impeached because he tried to fight off the investigation based on such nonsense. Now they seek to impeach him for asking for an investigation into one of their own.

Drain the swamp, Donald:

But fair is fair. President Trump should publicly announce to the denizens of the entire fetid swamp in Washington, D.C. that, yes, he will potentially initiate investigations with any nation willing to cooperate to expose the wrongdoing of the American political class. In fact, as president, it is his sworn duty to do so — to fulfill his oath to execute the laws and defend the U.S. Constitution. …

It’s time for President Trump to build a big, beautiful door in the wall of propaganda that papers over the actions of American elites. And make the Democrats pay for it.