Trump Team Bets Impeachment Will Backfire on Democrats

Trump Team Bets Impeachment Will Backfire on Democrats, by Michael Bender.

Faced with the prospect of impeachment, President Trump and his re-election campaign expressed confidence the effort to boot him from office would give an unlikely boost to his bid for a second term. …

When Pelosi first announced an impeachment inquiry:

A video mocking what the campaign views as Democrats’ obsession with impeachment was released within 30 minutes. “We’ve had that ready for weeks in case the Democrats were that dumb,” one campaign aide said. …

Strategy of releasing the phone call transcript immediately:

Mr. Trump pushed for the release, arguing it would prove he did nothing wrong and halt coverage on cable news that he found increasingly troubling, White House aides said. Mr. Trump had even encouraged reporters to continue looking into the Ukraine issue.

“Keep asking questions and build it up as big as possible, so you can have a bigger downfall,” he told White House reporters last week in the Oval Office.