Countering Greta’s rant and the UN’s chicanery

Countering Greta’s rant and the UN’s chicanery, by Craig Rucker.

The UN’s “climate week” in New York has been marked by uncommon candor.

For that we should be grateful.

Global warming campaigners are increasingly abandoning their environmental pretenses, and blatantly pressing their demands for redistribution and control. Forewarned is forearmed.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres of Portugal, kicked it all of with an outrageous snub. He decided to exclude leading nations such as the United States, Japan, Australia and South Africa from taking the stage during the climate sessions, for not sufficiently following the UN party line.

Massive polluters such as China and India continue to be welcome. It doesn’t seem to count for anything that the U.S. is number one in emissions reductions (if that’s your thing), while China now emits more CO2 than the E.U. and U.S. combined. …

The star of this week’s climate show is Sweden’s Greta Thunberg…

Individual freedom and due process are no more than inconvenient obstacles to Greta’s speech writers, we will be forced to comply, they assure us, whether we “like it or not.” Greta’s demands include “equity and climate justice,” which are basically code words for … redistribution and control.

Greta remains naively unaware that the human condition, and that of children in particular, has never been healthier or more secure, than it is at this very moment. …

We are living in a dangerous time where fact is as bizarre as parody.

As CFACT engaged with climate marchers in New York, we were struck by the fact that there were far fewer children than advertised, and most we saw were disengaged. Surrounding them were large numbers of radical left-wing adults. We were not aware that New York harbored so many pathetic aging bolsheviks. Bernie Sanders is not alone.

China now emits more carbon dioxide than the USA and Europe combined, some 30% of the world total. China has the second largest conventional military force in the world, much of it with very modern equipment. Yet they have “developing nation” status in carbon world, resulting in special privileges, no emission limits, and wealth transfers from the west. So it’s not just about curbing carbon emissions, is it?