China claims Australia the ‘pioneer’ of a global anti-China campaign

China claims Australia the ‘pioneer’ of a global anti-China campaign, by Eryk Bagshaw.

Australia is the pioneer of a global anti-China campaign, a high-level Chinese embassy delegation has claimed, as relations between the two countries fall to among the worst in the developed world.

Accusing Prime Minister Scott Morrison of showing “the US view through his mouth”, the delegation said Mr Morrison’s criticism of China from the US had not helped a relationship frozen by “groundless” allegations of foreign interference in Australian politics.

Mr Morrison used a speech to the Chicago Institute for Global Affairs on Monday to echo Washington’s concerns that China should be treated as a “newly developed economy” in trade and environment policy as it becomes the world’s second-largest economy and a significant financial centre, amid an escalating $US300 billion trade war with the United States. …

East China University Australia studies director Chen Hong … said the increased government hostility was sparked by media reports over increasing Chinese interference in Australian politics. Several allegations revealed in those reports are now before the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption. The tension culminated in 2018, when former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull banned Chinese telco giant Huawei from participating in Australia’s 5G network over national security concerns.

“I think the responsibility is totally on the Australian side,” Dr Chen said. “China always promotes friendship.”

“Australia has been shirking its responsibility for climate change and shifting responsibility to China,” said Dr Chen.

China is a communist dictatorship who organ harvests dissidents (from meditators, Muslims, Christians, etc.). Communists are masters of the art of not telling the truth for political effect.