UN climate summit flops despite the children’s rent-a-crowd crusade

UN climate summit flops despite the children’s rent-a-crowd crusade, by Joanne Nova.

We all know why the climate picnic last Friday was not held on the weekend — hardly anyone would have come. When adults are too bored to go out and save the world, the only option is children. Butter them up, tell them they are heroes and rebels if they do what they want to do anyway and take the day off school. Climate protests have been shrinking for years, so the adults in charge needed to change strategies, and with a compliant media, it worked — it was a grand theatre. …

At the UN climate conference in NY:

The only speaker in the room that “resonated” was the only one in the room who had no responsibility

Greta could say any darn thing at all and none of it would have to be costed, or make sense …

Someone has wound up a child into quivering rage and breathless tears. How dare you indeed – exploit the children for political ends.

Earth Day was a big hit too at the start, but repetition and boredom killed it. Presumably they’ll run some more “climate-strikes” until schools, parents and kids get bored again.