Climate-Industrial Complex: Financiers Aim to Cash in on Greta Thunberg

Climate-Industrial Complex: Financiers Aim to Cash in on Greta Thunberg, by Tyler O’Neil.

Standpoint magazine’s Dominic Green revealed the corporate financiers and the Climate-Industrial Complex that stands to gain from Thunberg’s activism.

“The Greta phenomenon has also involved green lobbyists, PR hustlers, eco-academics, and a think-tank founded by a wealthy ex-minister in Sweden’s Social Democratic government with links to the country’s energy companies. These companies are preparing for the biggest bonanza of government contracts in history: the greening of the Western economies. Greta, whether she and her parents know it or not, is the face of their political strategy,” he wrote.

Orchestrated by adult activists, not spontaneous:

Thunberg became a viral sensation on August 20, 2018, when she launched a one-girl “school strike” at the Swedish parliament. Ingmar Rentzhog, founder of the social media platform “We Have No Time,” happened to be passing by, or so the story goes. Rentzhog posted Thunberg’s photo on his Facebook page and the newspaper Dagens Nyheter picked up the story.

Yet the Swedish teen’s viral moment was far more orchestrated than this official version of events. While Rentzhog insisted that he “did not know Greta or Greta’s parents” before the Parliament protest, he later admitted to meeting Thunberg’s mother, Malena Ernman, “3-4 months before everything started.” He had shared a stage with Ernman at the Climate Parliament conference. He was also tipped off about the teen’s protest at the Swedish parliament — informed “the week before” by climate activist Bo Thorén, leader of the Fossil Free Dalsland group.

In February 2018, Thorén and other activists strategized about getting young people involved. In May, after Thunberg took second prize in an environmental op-ed writing competition, Thorén approached the competition winners with a plan for a “school strike” — modeled after the gun control protest after the shootings in Parkland, Fla. Only Thunberg was interested. …

The man who launched Greta Thunberg [i.e. Rentzhog] was trained by Al Gore …

Thunberg’s father denied any connection to We Have No Time or Global Challenge. Yet the teen activist served on We Have No Time’s advisory board between November 2018 and January 2019, and — as noted above — Ernman signed the letter with four Global Challenge board members. …

In January, Myron Ebell, director at the Center for Energy and the Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), told PJ Media that the climate crisis “has been manufactured in order to create a huge climate-industrial complex that can command the redistribution of colossal amounts of money.”

“There is a huge climate-industrial complex benefitting from this, but it’s not reducing emissions,” he said.