UK Labour overwhelmingly backs anti-Israel agenda should Corbyn take power

UK Labour overwhelmingly backs anti-Israel agenda should Corbyn take power, by Robert Philpot.

Britain’s Labour party on Monday called for a future government led by Jeremy Corbyn to adopt a raft of anti-Israel policies.

With a general election expected before the end of the year, Labour delegates, at the party’s annual conference in Brighton, overwhelmingly backed a boycott of Israeli settlement goods for the first time and vowed to reject trade agreements with the Jewish state which “fail to recognize the rights of the Palestinians.”

The party also appeared to endorse a Palestinian “right to return” and reaffirmed Labour’s opposition to British arms sales to Israel. …

The anti-Israel motion was passed nearly unanimously in Brighton after a debate in which Palestinian flags were unfurled and chants of “Free Palestine” were shouted.

The move followed the release of polling on Sunday which showed that two-thirds of Labour members do not believe the party has a “serious” problem with anti-Semitism, and more than half oppose the UK signing a trade agreement with Israel after Britain leaves the European Union. …

More Palestinian flags than British flags in evidence at British Labour Party conference.

Noting that it is the second consecutive year in which Labour’s conference has debated Israel, [Luke Akehurst, the director of the We Believe In Israel campaign group] added: “It is very strange that, with so many pressing issues facing the UK and the range of global crisis that Labour could take a position on, two years running it has chosen this debate. This cannot be unlinked to the pathological obsession with Israel and Jews which has driven the party’s anti-Semitism crisis.”

Nasty identity politics is resurfacing on the left. The left’s primitive notion of economics as a zero-sum game has a remorseless logic when applied to identity groups.