Prevalence of extremist views in UK Labour ranks laid bare in new poll

Prevalence of extremist views in UK Labour ranks laid bare in new poll, by Tim Shipman.

Labour Party members want to sack the Queen, abolish Britain’s borders and the nuclear deterrent, and support a general strike to bring down the government. …

Just 15 per cent are “proud” of Britain’s history, with 43 per cent saying they are “ashamed”. …

One in five would be “happy” or “proud” to sing the national anthem while half would be bored, embarrassed or angry.

The poll was commissioned by Mainstream, a new campaign against political extremism, which is to be run by Ian Austin, who quit the party in February.

When it comes to terrorism, more Labour members (32 per cent) blame the British government for the atrocities of the Troubles, such as the Warrington and Birmingham bombings, than blame Republican terrorists such as the IRA (27 per cent).

Just 29 per cent think groups such as Isis and Al-Qaeda are most to blame for Islamist terrorist attacks in Britain. Nearly seven in 10 think either that both sides are equally to blame (40 per cent) or that the UK and its allies are most to blame (28 per cent).

Meanwhile, 69 per cent support strikes to overthrow a Conservative government, and 70 per cent agree with getting rid of nuclear weapons. Almost half say nations “should remove borders and people should decide where they want to live”.

Party members approve of controls on the press. A total of 79 per cent support laws to limit who can own national newspapers, while 51 per cent say a Labour government should take greater control of broadcast media. …

“The party of today is not the one I grew up in. It has been consumed by a culture of extremism and intolerance,” said Austin.

How is it that such a fringe group are almost in power, and could govern the country after the next general election?