The Left’s Kavanaugh Smear Implodes — Again

The Left’s Kavanaugh Smear Implodes — Again, by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel.

Believe it or not, it was a year ago that a constellation of left-wing activist groups cooked up a series of outlandish lies designed to keep Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court. The national news media, as you will remember, joined the smear campaign. They repeated and magnified the slurs. But in the end, it was to no effect. Kavanaugh was confirmed anyway. Why? Because not a single allegation against him was proven to be true. Not one.

Their only lasting effect was to traumatize Kavanaugh’s wife and children. To this day, the left has never apologized for their dishonesty or their profound cruelty. They did not accept defeat. They never do. Why? Because when politics is your religion, acknowledging reality looks like sin, and so it continues.

A few days ago, New York Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly were the toast of the left. Their new book appeared to finish the job that the national media started a year ago and take out Kavanaugh for good. The authors accused Kavanaugh of committing sexual assault as a student at Yale more than 30 years ago. Details were sparse, but it was enough to launch a tsunami of rage from the left. Chatters on cable TV denounced Kavanaugh as a gang rapist. The leading Democrats running for president demanded that Kavanaugh be impeached and removed from office.

Almost immediately, the story fell apart. The newspaper was forced to make a devastating correction to the piece. In fact, the woman that Kavanaugh supposedly attacked didn’t remember anything about the event. And just like so many previous stories about Kavanaugh, the whole thing turned out to be a crock. …

Of course, 20 years ago, no credible news organization would have run a story like that on the basis of its sourcing. The Times didn’t hesitate, and it was picked up everywhere. When a character-destroying smear comes from political activists rather than from, say, ordinary citizens, you ought to be able to know that from reading the piece. The Times disagrees, though. They don’t think you have a right to that context. …

Why is left media so ugly now?

They are not trying to convict Kavanaugh. They are trying to destroy him and his family. Due process and presumption of innocence — fairness even — are irrelevant. Whatever they tell you, don’t let them tell you justice has any role in this. This is a pure power grab.

The left feels entitled to run the country, and they feel entitled to control the Supreme Court. It drives them crazy that they don’t. Kavanaugh frustrates their political hopes, so any smear against him is acceptable, no matter what it is.

This is the new normal of politics. It will probably spread from the US to the rest of the west. The new left is now crazy and uncompromising. The enlightenment is being rolled back — merit, truth, and fair play are fading, raw power is back.