The Greens – and more – owe Pauline Hanson an apology on family law

The Greens – and more – owe Pauline Hanson an apology on family law, by Corrine Barraclough.

The family law inquiry was fiercely criticised by anti-domestic violence groups after Senator Pauline Hanson dared to say that women make false accusations of domestic violence to stop men having access to their children.

Rosie Batty took to the airwaves quick smart to voice her anger.

Anti-domestic violence groups argued that family law should not be politicised.

Apparently, the irony was lost on them that wading in with such rigour simply serves to highlight the extent that this space has not only been politicised, but the truth is being actively silenced.

After they’d missed the irony they even dared to pitch for an increase in their multi-million dollar funding.

Deputy Greens Leader Larissa Walters voiced similar condemnation on the(ir) ABC that Hanson could dare to suggest that women lie. …

Come on, someone needs to re-read the definition of equality and remove this bizarre notion that women are morally superior to men. …

Several studies have underlined the problems around vexatious claims being taken to court, and found that some violence prevention orders are sought as a tactic to prevent their former partner’s being involved in their children’s lives. …

Anyone claiming that false allegations don’t exist may like to look at the actual evidence rather be blinded by this ridiculous religion of feminist ideology. …

Modern feminism has become a demand for more privileges

The family law court process is causing an ocean of pain and running lives. The government does need to hear both sides.

They are not hearing the full story from people who solely advocate for women, there is no minister for men, and they’re certainly not hearing the complete story from the media who yet again displayed clear left-leaning, anti-men bias. …

Perhaps they could have also pointed out that the Australian family law court process is an adversarial system where people have a lot to lose (their own children), so of course untruths are told? …

Perhaps they could have raised a case from the UK where a man had 61 false allegations made against him before his ex-wife finally admitted on the stand that she had made it all up?

Or the case of a man from Melbourne who had 51 DVOs placed on him by a vicious ex which he had to find the strength to fight. One accusation was physically impossible as he was out of the country at the time his ex claimed he had stalked her, and he was in hospital in a coma at the time of another.

Perhaps they could have asked why perjury is not applicable in the family court?

Women never lie? As George Orwell pointed out, some animals are more equal that others.

Here’s an excerpt from an old favorite:

Rate of Domestic Violence Highest in Lesbian Relationships. It’s a PC myth that domestic violence is all about men hurting women in heterosexual relationships. It’s not. Women dish out a lot of violence too, including against kids. Despite convincing studies for decades now, this still seems to surprise people — once again demonstrating the willingness and power of the media to propagate a PC agenda. Keep an eye out for how the domestic violence meme is used — such as to put down straight men.