80 Percent of Central American Women, Girls Raped Crossing into U.S.

80 Percent of Central American Women, Girls Raped Crossing into U.S.. By Jerome Hudson.

For all the political Left’s shrieks about a so-called “War on women” and a systemic “rape culture” pervasive throughout American society, the reality that some 8 in 10 women and girls are sexually assaulted during the dangerous trek from Mexico and South America to the U.S. southern border is met mostly with silence. …

The media and Democrats’ [refuse] to acknowledge this wanton brutality. … [The news comes from an] investigation into sexual assault of migrants by Splinter News, which is owned by Univision — an anti-Trump and anti-wall outfit. The report revealed the stunning truth that 80 percent of Central American women and girls are raped during their journey, primarily while traveling through Mexico or when they cross the U.S. border.

One woman profiled by the New York Times described being raped in Mexican brothels as well as in McAllen, Texas. She said, “They just told us, ‘You guys don’t have money, so you have to pay with your body.’

According to the Splinter News exposé, “The arrangement is so common there’s a slang term for it — ’cuerpomátic,’ or ‘cuerpomático’ (an apparent wordplay on Credomatic, a Central American credit-card processing firm), which means to use one’s body — or cuerpo — as a source of currency.”

Trump was right, some of the illegal immigrants from Mexico are rapists. No wonder the media says nothing. The media’ s criterion for a news story: how does this help the left?