China Makes Global Warming A Weapon Against West

China Makes Global Warming A Weapon Against West, by Andrew Bolt.

No wonder China rides the global warming bandwagon. The Paris Agreement means it’s free to lift its own emissions while demanding cash and emissions cuts from its Western rivals. …

The UN is a menace to the West. It has turned the global warming scare into a shake-down of the West, exploiting the inflamed sense of Western guilt.

Graham Lloyd:

Australia has been barred from speaking at a UN climate summit in New York next week, where China and India will call for ­trillions of dollars more in climate funding from the developed world.

Other big economies, including the US and Japan, have also been silenced because they have not agreed to increase their am­bitions to tackle climate change.

Despite being one of the world’s top investors in ­renew­able energy last year, ­Australia is criticised for relying heavily on coal and refusing to contribute fur­ther money to a green climate fund.

Leslie Hook:

However some coal-loving countries such as China and India, the world’s two biggest builders of new coal stations, will still speak at the summit, according to the draft agenda.

Who is trying to rule the world? Australia: stand in the naughty corner until you give up coal. All the rest of you, pay China and India massive amounts of money, and they can speak even though they are greatly expanding their coal use. Why? Because this is how the global bureaucrats solve the “climate problem,”, a largely non-existent problem that someone invented with a computer slight-of-hand in the 1960s. Globalist bureaucrats are becoming pushier and more dangerous to the rest of us.

Steven Hayward:

Meanwhile, if you need further insight into why mainline Protestant Christianity continues to be in rapid decline, look no further than this Tweet this morning from Union Seminary’s participation in the climate frenzy:

Amen, lefties.

Ahem, lefties: The First Commandment on Moses’ stone tablets is: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”.