A Good Word for Christianity

A Good Word for Christianity, by David Daintree.

It’s getting harder to be a Christian, especially if you’re a white male. Everybody admires spirituality if it’s Buddhist, Muslim, indigenous or just plain save-the-planet Green. But Christian spirituality is viewed with distaste …

Jesus was a political revolutionary. By saying that all men are equal in the eyes of the Lord, and that this life is but a forerunner or test before an everlasting life in the next world and you will be judged on it, he set in motion changes that transformed the world:

There is absolutely no evidence that anybody before St Paul had ever said anything like ‘There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.’

In other words, the rich and powerful do not get to ride roughshod over everyone and behave abominably, as was the practice in those times. Might does not make right. There is more to life than doing whatever pleases you in this life, and there are consequences.

Preferential option for the poor, public hospitals, pensions, free education, justice for prisoners and minorities, even feminism itself, and socialism too — all these things have taken root readily and abundantly in Christian societies. The fight against slavery (still being waged today) continues to be led by Christians. Amnesty International and the Red Cross were Christian foundations.

We now live in what many call a ‘post-Christian world’, and many now claim that these social goods have nothing to do with Christianity, or even that they took place in spite of Christianity. That amounts to a scandalous misreading of history. A Christian world view was fertile ground for the emergence of great and just social changes and the evidence for it is overwhelming. We can argue that socialism and feminism, for example, may have sometimes gone too far, but generous impulses lay at their roots.

Many of these reforms and developments took a long time to emerge. Too long. In every society there is corruption and self-interest and the fight against slavery, for example, was a protracted and terrible one.

But Christianity is the white religion. Anti-white racism took hold once the left switched from championing the working class to exploiting identity politics to gain power. What started as prejudice and promises of privileges for non-white-male identity groups has steadily blossomed into anti-white racism. The left used to demonize the rich, but now they increasingly demonize whites.

In addition, from the time of Marx the left has always viewed Christianity as their main enemy. Along with the family, Christianity stands in the way of their project to remake humanity and society, to sweep away all that is right and replace it with their own model Soviet man. Christianity represents reality — social and spiritual anyway, if not supernatural — that impedes the leftist fantasies. To say nothing of the sexual mores those on the left might prefer.

That’s a point of view that is mostly lost nowadays. The left control the media. They are hardly going to spell it out for you, are they?