A Political Party Stupid Enough to Call You a Racist Is Too Stupid to Govern

A Political Party Stupid Enough to Call You a Racist Is Too Stupid to Govern, by Rick Moran.

What happens when a political party is hijacked by fanatics, ideologues, and hysterics who don’t care whether they win or lose an election?

They lose elections.

That’s where the Democrats are headed because they’d rather be “right” than clever. And when it comes to the issue of race, Democrats think they have a corner on “right.”

They’ve got a small problem, though. In order to appeal to the fanatics, ideologues, and hysterics to tap them for money and support, they have to at least give lip service to their warped views on race. And that includes calling you and me and about 70 percent of the American voters “racist.”

After 20+ years of calling all of us who disagree with them in any way a “racist,” is there anyway they can make it up to us? No, they’re doubling down:

Once again, Democrats think they have a winner. Because nobody minds being called a “racist,” do they. …

[From USA Today] “For decades progressives have denounced America as hopelessly retrograde and racist. Naturally, they’re talking about everyone except themselves.

The insult-them-until-they-join-our-side strategy has gained devotees since the mass shootings. While no fewer than five presidential candidates have called Trump a white supremacist, their fellow progressives are shedding their reluctance to say the same of his supporters.” …

This is really, really stupid. Most Americans don’t hate Trump as much as most liberal Democrats do. Most Americans see through the hysterical exaggerations about Trump and many appear bewildered by the vitriol. Even if they don’t like Trump — and there are many reasons not to — the Democrats’ rhetoric offends their sense of fair play. Thus, every time Democrats go off on Trump, accusing him of all sorts of perfidy and hateful things, Trump probably gets another 10,000 votes.

Most voters believe that if a political party is smart enough to win a national election, they should be smart enough to govern. Using a hateful epithet to describe tens of millions of potentially persuadable voters is a losing strategy and spectacularly dumb.

The left is really going out on a limb over climate and over “racism” and the whole blank slate idea.  They are going to be proven wrong over the next decade by science, as the flaw in the climate models is revealed and genetic advances largely settles the nature versus nurture disputes. I’m pretty sure they don’t have a plan B or any retreat options.