Biden or Bust?

Biden or Bust? By Victor Davis Hanson. Biden is still the clear Democrat front runner in the polls.

Biden remains what he always was—a deep state fixture. And his brand is mainstream Democrat left-liberal orthodoxy …

As far as the diagnosis of the Biden gaffe machine, the only debate is whether Biden at 76 is addled and suffering early signs of dementia — that is, hardly the sharp and energetic septuagenarian that Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Elizabeth Warren seem to be. Or, in fact, is he just now back in the spotlight and thus resuming his forty years of characteristic embarrassments, some of which blew up his prior two presidential bids.

Is Biden in fact not any more unhinged than he was at 40 — the difference now being only that what was seen as eccentric and obnoxious then is now recalibrated as demented due to his advanced age?

After all, we remember a much younger Biden’s lies about his college résumé, his plagiarism in law school, his decades of creepy hugs and breathing into the ears and curls of prepubescent girls, his intellectual theft of British Labourite Neil Kinnock’s stump speechand padding it with family distortions, his trademark appropriation of the ideas and buzzwords of others, his racialist commentary (e.g., Barack Obama is our first “clean” and “articulate” major black presidential candidate, Delaware donut shops are all stuffed with Indian immigrants, Mitt Romney would put blacks “back in chains”) and on and on. …

The other choices:

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren almost daily remind us what socialism is: a belief that the government innately owns our labor, property, and capital, and “built” our wealth. It properly oversees us by using its superior morality and wisdom to redistribute resources to unappreciated deserving parties at the expense of the over-appreciated undeserving parties — at least as the grandees Bernie and Liz see it, who of course are exempted from the ramifications of their own bromides.

Kamala Harris by now has no idea who she is or who she is supposed to become. She is now well into her third or fourth adopted persona. Beto O’Rourke — dropping f-bombs on live television, calling for gun confiscations, and libeling his country as inveterately racist — would be lucky to be elected to a Texas county commission in 2020. His once apparent eccentric speech and demeanor are now gratingly obnoxious as he reverts to his pre-adolescence.

Corey Booker has not evolved beyond his confused puerile Spartacus moment during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Goofy seems his new sobriquet. Saintly Pete Buttigieg thinks his role is to make up biblical exegesis to fit 2020 race-class-gender parlance — and then condemn any who disagree with him as Christian apostates.

Any Democratic candidate who has seemed somewhat normal or centrist — Michael Bennet, Steven Bullock, John Delaney, and Tim Ryan — long ago melted down. The rest of the pack like Andrew Yang or Julian Castro are probably to the left of Beto and Kamala and pose the question of why are they running at all.

Which way will they choose?

In sum, Biden’s continued polling and viability are testaments to the poverty of the Democratic field — at least as currently seen by the Democratic establishment itself and a third of the primary voters.

Rightly or wrongly, they believe it is for now either the gaffaholic Biden or a socialist bust — and Democrats seem to prefer random senselessness to pre-mediated lunacy.