Out of Africa 2

Out of Africa 2, by Hannes Wessels. (See here for 1.)

I think I can confidently state that I belong to one of the most hated minorities on the planet. Born in Rhodesia, of Afrikaans and German parentage, I’m a 63-year-old white, male, Christian heterosexual and I was a soldier in an army, internationally vilified as being motivated by a strong desire to maintain white privilege through entrenched, racist supremacy. Like most of my lot, just to be further alienated from the “virtue-signaling” mainstream, we also liked to hunt, fish, drink beer in our male-orientated sports clubs, and chase women.

The good news for the millions who hate the likes of me and my compatriots is there are very few of us left and soon we’ll be all gone. There were never that many of us in the first place; the European population of what was then Rhodesia was roughly 250,000 at its peak, and then many of my generation lost their lives in the “Bush War” that ended in 1980 when the country was finally “liberated” by Robert Mugabe. This brought unbridled joy to the entire world, but obviously not us, and many whites left the country with very little to show for their decades of commitment to the country they loved. While the international community cheered, Rhodesians were jeered because they were not convinced a terrorist could transform into a saint overnight; but nobody was listening and nobody cared what they thought anyway. The majority view was that their plight was well deserved. …

[Africa] continues to be a subcontinent where despots dominate and misrule; the looting of national exchequers by tiny, politically connected elites continues on a gargantuan scale; extreme poverty is endemic and exploding; infrastructures are collapsing; and natural resources are being plundered in an unholy alliance that brings corrupt officials and, in many cases, their Chinese paymasters into joint ventures that threaten to turn these countries into an environmental catastrophe.

True to form, the UN, the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), Western diplomats, and myriad NGOs are present, cognizant, but mostly ineffective. They don’t want to upset anyone by being too critical of the people who wield power because they will probably be accused of “racism” or being “neocolonialist”; so much more sensible to shut up, do nothing, keep your well-paid job, and enjoy the good life that being an expat in Africa brings. God alone knows how many billions the charlatans who run and manage these aid and environmental organizations have squandered over the past 60-plus years and achieved very little apart from boosting the sales of fancy four-wheel drives and pushing up the prices of housing in the safer suburbs of the capitals where they live in fine style with the help of inexpensive servants. …

After mentioning the stories of several of his peers and what they are doing now:

What these men all have in common is a shared history, in that all were soldiers once, all have been and remain victims of debilitating racial discrimination, and not one of them is performing these arduous and dangerous tasks because they expect to get rich. They are all jointly committed by a deep love of Africa, its wildlife, and its people, and they are driven by a powerful selfless desire to protect those forms of life that cannot protect themselves against the ravages of insatiable human greed.

And they share something else: None of them are liberals, none are products of a nanny state, and they are men who act decisively and say little. And tragically, when they are gone, the Africa they fought to protect and nurture will probably be destroyed.

A reader comments:

The western media is failing utterly to mention that that maniac Mugabe completely wrecked his country and plunged millions into misery. Oh no; he was a freedom fighter.

It’s pretty amazing given that knowledge of the disaster Zimbabwe became under Mugabe is widespread i.e. their lying by omission will be obvious to millions.