Observations on Brexit

Observations on Brexit, by Tony Abbott.

Here’s my assessment of where it’s going.

After all the parliamentary shenanigans, there will be an election for a parliament more comfortable with implementing the people’s decision to leave.

Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage will come to some sort of accommodation to avoid splitting the Brexit vote. The government will win in its own right because the electorate will polarise and Britons always choose to be their own masters.

There will be some final huffing and puffing from the re-moaners but leaving the EU won’t break up the United Kingdom because the Scots would hardly secede from London only to accede to Brussels.

In so many respects, Prime Minister Boris Johnson really is a Churchillian figure, right down to the larger-than-life brilliance and the (consequent) mistrust of him expressed by so many colleagues. …

A collapse of self-confidence or a failure of will in a great matter could be scarcely less deadly. The impact on the wider world of a much-diminished Britain, humiliated, and stuck half-in juridically but half-out spiritually of a gloating EU should not be underestimated. Can we really afford to lose one of the great trumpets for freedom and fairness? That’s why I was so keen to lend moral support to Britain at this time when it’s needed most.