The question no politician wants to face about suicide

The question no politician wants to face about suicide, by Corrine Barraclough.

Deaths from suicide occur at a rate three times higher in men than that of females.

It seems no one has quite worked out how male suicide fits with the popular narrative around the power of the “patriarchy” or supposed “male privilege”. …

Honestly, what chance is there of fixing the real problem if we’re too scared of facing up to the truth?

What there won’t be is discussion around the latest ABS data. Figures from 2017 show very clearly what factors are contributing to the soaring suicide rates.

The published ABS statistics list the most frequently occurring psychosocial risk factors in coroner-certified deaths in Australia. Top of the list is a personal history of self-harm, followed by disruption of family by separation and divorce, and then problems relating to legal circumstances.

So, in light of this, why on earth is society dragging its heels in acknowledging the impact of family law and custody disputes on the heartbreaking suicide rate?