Church Vandalized After Opposing Predatory Homosexual Show to Children

Church Vandalized After Opposing Predatory Homosexual Show to Children, by Julio Severo.

A Pentecostal church in California was vandalized after the church voiced its strong opposition to a homosexual event targeting children. The event, funded by the city hall and advertised as “Drag Queen Story Time,” was held on September 10, 2019, at the Civic Center library of Chula Vista, California.

Executive Pastor Amado Huizar, of South Bay Pentecostal Church located in Chula Vista, said the vandals left their mark on the outside walls of the church building.

“At every corner, there were phrases, hateful words, and graffiti on the walls of our church,” said Huizar. …

If the majority of residents do not want predatory homosexual propaganda in the public places of their city, why is such propaganda being imposed on their children?

Drag Queen Story Hour or Story Time was launched in San Francisco, considered the U.S. capital of homosexuality, in 2015 and has since spread across the United States, even to cities in conservative states like Lincoln, Nebraska, and Juneau, Alaska. The events are intended to celebrate homosexuality to children and teach them that homosexuality is totally normal and healthy. …

Americans are in a very hard situation. At the beginning, homosexualists said in the past that they wanted just a right to live their homosexuality. Now, they openly target children, and everybody know the tragic end of this history: Homosexuality and pederasty go hand in hand. The Catholic Church has suffered massive scandals of pedophilia because of their homosexual priests.

One reason Christianity was so popular and spread so quickly is the protection it ultimately provided against the sexual exploitation that was rampant before Jesus. It took nearly two thousand years for the implications of Jesus’s teachings about all being equal in the eyes of God to come to fruition with individual rights and the abolition of slavery, but he set in motion a powerful movement. We unravel it at our peril. From an earlier post:

[St Paul] was Jewish, and Judaism had always condemned homosexual acts. For Gentiles, it was customary to use young male slaves for sex. Paul would have seen, among the prostitutes on the street, young boys. At every slave market handsome boys were sold to pimps who paid high prices. The clients, to demonstrate their masculinity and to preserve their reputation, would often act brutally. The boys were used, humiliated and damaged, morally and physically. Wealthy parents had to employ minders to protect handsome sons from sexual assaults while walking to school or to the market. …

In Paul’s time, a long-term intimate relationship among slaves, freed people and the poor did not involve an official marriage, a rite normally reserved for the well-off. Therefore, according to Ruden, ‘fornication’ is not the right word to translate porneia which Paul had condemned. This Greek word, which derives from the verb ‘to buy’, meant ‘whoring’. Prostitutes were mostly slaves. Some of the women had to parade naked, and there are Greek vases showing men hitting them. Even in the case of sex without payment, there was frequent brutality and little romance. The author suggests that Paul wished to condemn the use of a person as a mere object. He demanded a new sort of intimate relationship, a true and sanctified union, to which adultery and whoring were utterly alien.

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