Why the left has a problem with IQ

Why the left has a problem with IQ, by Stefan Molyneux.

Why the left does not debate, but simple forbids discussions.

The “civilized” world has seen at least three instances of mass murder of brighter people in the last century: international socialists killed the kulaks and engineers in Soviet Russia in the 1930s, national socialists in Germany tried to wipe out the European Jews in the 1940s, and international socialists in Cambodia in the 1970s killed the quarter of the population that had any higher education or even wore glasses.

Among cultures, God’s chosen people (so they say), the Jews, have a much more encouraging attitude towards IQ and treat their brighter members relatively well. European Jews are the brightest ethnic group on Earth. Coincidence? Perhaps not. (Btw, for centuries Christians sent their smarter men into monasteries, where they didn’t breed.)

Is the carbon dioxide theory of global warming now a sacred belief? What happens if we point out exactly why it is wrong, how the models are mistaken? Hmmm.

This issue rather starkly illustrates the main political themes of our times: Merit and reality versus diversity and political correctness.