Shut down of Jacinta Price shows Left’s laughable hypocrisy

Shut down of Jacinta Price shows Left’s laughable hypocrisy, by Andrew Bolt.

Watch the Left torch our freedoms. Now Coffs Harbour City Council tells an Aboriginal woman to “seek permission” before she’s allowed to visit or speak there.

Pardon? In what free country must a woman get permission to travel, or to say what she thinks?

Jacinta Price is an extraordinarily articulate Alice Springs councillor who is now on a tour, giving speeches on how to fix Aboriginal poverty.

It’s a tour with “no identity politics”, she promises.

And no victim politics. Price instead demands more Aborigines take responsibility and — most of all — dump the cultural norms that excuse wife-bashers.

“You have to change culture in order to go forward,” she insists.

That’s Price’s sin. Now comes her punishment.

After touring Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, Price was booked to speak at the Jetty Memorial Theatre in Coffs Harbour, a popular coastal spot in NSW.

But the city’s council has now sent her a letter with this ominous headline: “Jacinta Nampijinpa Price To Seek Permission from the Gumbaynggir Aboriginal People.” …

Coffs Harbour has 75,000 residents and gets 1.6 million visitors a year. There’s no way the council tells all those visitors to get “permission from Gumbaynggir Aboriginal people to enter the land”. …

(By the way, do Coffs Harbour councillors ever ask permission of Aborigines to visit Sydney?)

No, this is just part of the Left’s new war against free speech, this time using the new tribalism as a weapon.

It’s all about money.

That had the Gumbaynggir collective popping a blood vessel in a media release on the weekend. …

“Ms Price’s approach consistently undermines Aboriginal social justice movements.”

Aha! There it is. Price threatens the social justice industry, which has achieved spectacularly little despite the $30 billion we spend each year on just 550,000 Aborigines.

Which money? The money paid by the Federal Government to (mainly) whites  who do things to “help” aboriginals.