Remainers ignore will of the people

Remainers ignore will of the people, by Jennifer Oriel.

The anti-Brexit alliance is a club for politicians who believe they were born to rule, not represent the people. They have dispensed with the pretence of being servants of the public. They have trashed the idea of being stewards of democracy.

To appreciate how devoid of integrity many Remainers are, consider that for years they have denied the democratic will of the people to leave the EU. They smeared Brexiteers as uneducated, racist and every type of “phobe” in the social justice lexicon. They claimed not to be anti-democratic, but simply wanting to avoid a no-deal Brexit. They lied.


Labour MP and foreign affairs spokeswoman Emily Thornberry admitted last week she had no intention of honouring Brexit. She said she would campaign to remain in the EU even after a Brexit deal was made. …

Corbyn, the pro-EU Marxist whose comrades include communists and jihadis, is refusing both Brexit and a general election despite having threatened an early poll for months.

Corbyn doesn’t like democracy because it doesn’t like him. Last month’s YouGov poll showed Johnson and the Conservatives well ahead of Corbyn and Labour. On the question of Brexit, 48 per cent of Britons expressed a preference for “no deal” and no Corbyn. Seventeen per cent were undecided.


Not to be outdone in the anti-democracy stakes, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon rejects Brexit because her party wants independence within the EU. One suspects the English won’t much mind.

Scotland’s deficit is more than half the British total thanks to Sturgeon’s big-spending, low-revenue, left-wing government. Scotland has the highest drug death rate in the EU. Sturgeon’s constituency of Govanhill in Glasgow is known for child prostitution. Brexit is the least of Scotland’s concerns. …

Globalist establishment:

Since 2015, the most stunning democratic revolts against globalism — Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency — have been subjected to constant attacks by the establishment. … The British people must stage an encore of the Peasants’ Revolt to snatch democracy from the jaws of despots.

Brexit is not complicated, but has been turned into a techno­cratic labyrinth. It represents the basic principle of self-determination by which citizens assert their culture, control their borders and vote for their laws in a democratic country. It arose from a referendum with the largest voter turnout since the 1992 general election. No one can deny that Brexit represents the will of the British people. …

President of the European Council Donald Tusk spoke of a “special place in hell” for Brexiteers. … Like the brutish regimes of yesteryear, Eurocrats are putting Britain on a pike as a warning to other states tempted to test the European Commission’s power. …


Despite the Eurodrama, many countries are preparing to sign bilateral trade deals with Britain. Australia is one of them. Like the British, Australians have voted for a government to secure borders, reduce debt, reject political correctness, defend Western values and uphold the national interest.

It is neither brutish nor divisive to defend the sovereignty of democratic nations and the self-determination of Western citizens. Rather, it is essential to the future of the free world.