Oz A-listers off Trump dinner list

Oz A-listers off Trump dinner list, by Nick Tabaokoff.

US presidential state dinners tend to be a showcase for some of Hollywood’s biggest names to add a touch of glamour to the events. Think of John Travolta dancing with Princess Diana at one of Ronald Reagan’s events, or everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Will Ferrell and Michael J Fox keen to be seen at Barack Obama’s state dinners.

But Diary is reliably informed that Donald Trump’s White House state dinner next week for Scott Morrison is having a much harder time of beefing up its Hollywood star power.

The issue for organisers is twofold: identifying Aussie film and TV stars in the US who have not put Trump’s nose out of joint by attacking him publicly, and also simply finding any of our Hollywood identities who either hadn’t been offended by him, or weren’t afraid that attending an event with Trump will damage their careers in the left-leaning US movie industry.

That looks like a bridge too far.

Take Aussie film star Naomi Watts. She was a high-profile supporter of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign against Donald Trump, and once said she was “practising rock climbing” for Donald Trump’s border wall. Not Trump state dinner material.

Russell Crowe? Late in 2016, he opened an awards ceremony by mocking one of Trump’s most infamous lines: “All right, American Cinematheque, let’s grab the night by the pu**y!”

And so on. …

With Aussie film and TV celebrities likely thin on the ground, word out of Washington is that Trump’s state dinner for ScoMo is likely to be turned into an unusually intimate affair, with a total of just 100 guests. … The Oz Embassy in Washington has as few as 10 invitations at its disposal, we’re told.