Why Remoaners are so terrified of a General Election

Why Remoaners are so terrified of a General Election, by Brendan O’Neill.

The ridiculousness of the ‘Stop the Coup’ movement is now starkly exposed. For the past week a few thousand members of the obsessively anti-Brexit urban elites have taken to the streets to accuse Boris Johnson of behaving like a dictator by suspending parliament for a few more days than is normal. ‘It’s a coup d’état!’, they hysterically cry. And yet now our supposed dictator, the author of this foul, anti-democratic coup, is offering people a General Election, and how have the ‘Stop the Coup’ saps responded? By saying they don’t want one.

What a momentous self-own. They have literally traipsed through the streets saying ‘Britain is a dictatorship’ and ‘Boris has stolen our democracy’. Now, Boris hasn’t only disproven this claptrap (dictators don’t usually suggest holding an election). He has also helped to expose the fact that if anyone is agitated and even disgusted by the idea of democracy right now, it isn’t the imaginary jackbooted generals of Downing Street – it’s the pseudo-democratic Remainer elite. …

To the anti-democratic Remainer elite, it is public engagement, the scourge of democracy, that got us into this mess in the first place – so the longer we can put off another vote, the better.

These politicians loathe the idea of an election for two reasons. First, they want to try to keep Brexit, and the crushing of it, as the business of the political class alone, for as long as they can. And secondly, because they fear the judgement of the people. They fear our verdict on their behaviour, on their depraved agitations against the democratic will over the past three years. They fear what we will say about that vast bulk of them who okayed the holding of the EU referendum, promised to respect the result of the referendum, and stood in the 2017 General Election on manifestos that plainly said we would leave the EU, and yet who have backtracked on all of that and now devote their energies to stopping Brexit. They fear hearing what we really think about the lies and deceit and other authoritarian activities they have engaged in over the past couple of years.