While Elites Gnaw on Stale Agendas, the Future Is Full of Things We’ve Yet to Imagine

While Elites Gnaw on Stale Agendas, the Future Is Full of Things We’ve Yet to Imagine, by Richard Fernandez.

Today the political elites are in a crisis resulting from an expected future that didn’t happen. The End of History didn’t pan out; Russia and China failed to join the liberal democratic club; the EU fell apart. The global world failed to last. But Brexit and the defeat of Hillary did not spur them to listen; instead, it inspired frantic efforts to reimpose absolute control via Chinese 5G, facial recognition, Google surveillance, G7 pacts against hate speech, and the NYT witch hunt against white supremacy.

Is it any wonder they are failing? That depression is rising among youngsters and social tensions are increasing? Not only are they jamming themselves, they are suppressing the small still voice that whispers in the heart of undiscovered genius. As the political elites gnaw at the ends of their stale agendas it is hard to remember that the future is still full of hope, danger, love, opportunity and things yet undreamed of.

Disney and the imagination recession, by Will Lloyd.

Only in retrospect does 1999 appear to be the last imaginative year of mainstream American cinema …

Today Hollywood’s undoubted creative power is spent updating and reimagining stories that are decades old. Like medieval monks endlessly toiling over classical manuscripts, they’ve added little to these stories aside from fancy marginalia. The sense of stasis that results is proof an imagination recession. …

There is the British painter David Hockney’s judgement: ‘most fields of art and culture seem to be stuck somehow.’