Germany’s Right-Wing AfD Surges in Eastern Elections

Germany’s Right-Wing AfD Surges in Eastern Elections, by Vijeta Uniyal.

Germany’s Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has surged in the regional elections, winning a quarter of the vote in the eastern states of Saxony and Brandenburg.

Notice how the AfD in the East German state of Saxony won the votes of those under 45.

The AfD thanked voters for a “pronominal election success” in the east. “Let’s carry on like this and fight together so that Germany isn’t ruined by the continuation of Merkel’s Red-Green policies, instead remain a home worth living for our children and grandchildren,” said Jörg Meuthen, the national spokesman for the AfD. …

The mainstream parties joining with the communists? Might as well make it official I suppose.

The mainstream parties, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, the Greens and the Social Democrats, have sworn not to work with the AfD. The latest outcome has further prompted mainstream politicians to consider join forces with the far-left Linke, the successor of the East German Communist party. …

Clueless mainstream:

The German political class and the mainstream media remain clueless to the factors driving AfD’s popularity. “The representative of parties [other than the AfD] report of a climate of fear, of clinched fists and threats, which they experienced in the state election,” German newspaper DerTagesspiegel reported from Hirschfeld, Brandenburg. Responding to the newspaper’s query on why the AfD was doing so well in polls, Valentine Siemon, the Green party candidate from Hirschfeld, replied: “To be very honest, I don’t understand myself.”

British newspaper The Guardian credited AfD’s gains in the east to significant opposition to radical Islam and open door immigration.

In response to the weekend’s result, the German political class and media are doubling down on their attacks on the AfD. Political parties, celebrities and TV commentators are rallying under the banner of “Fight Against the Right” (Kampf gegen Rechts). Instead of addressing the burning issues of border security, migrant crime and slowing economy, the establishment is busy shooting at the messengers.

hat-tip David Archibald