Demoralized, Depressed, Detached & Defiant

Demoralized, Depressed, Detached & Defiant, by The Burning Platform.

There will be no compromise in the current environment. The unmistakable smell of conflict is in the air. We have entered the time of year when stock markets crash and those swimming naked are revealed. …

I simply cannot visualize a positive outcome to our current Crisis situation. Some people may say I’m prone to viewing situations from a negative viewpoint, but I think I view the world from a rational realistic point of view. The problem for people like me is the world has adopted a delusional, unrealistic, head in the sand perspective on the desperately irrational “solutions” put forth by our ruling class. ..

I’ve been wrong for ten years because I thought rationality would come back into style after the second crash in eight years caused by the Federal Reserve and their minions in Washington D.C. Instead, they double downed on their debt dependent debauchery. The world has gone mad and I’ve been left demoralized, depressed and now detached.

No one blinks an eye at $22 trillion in debt, trillion dollar annual deficits, 0% interest rates for ten years, $17 trillion of negative interest debt in the world, retro-active adjustments to GDP and savings rate calculations to make them more positive, 40% of the working age population not working — but unemployment reported as 3.7%, inflation reported at less than 2% when the average person experiences inflation in excess of 5%, corporations using their billions in tax cuts to buy back stock to boost their stock price, a military waging undeclared wars across the globe, an out of control surveillance state monitoring our communications, media companies using propaganda and censorship to push their new world order agenda, and $200 trillion of unfunded liabilities that cannot be honored.

Facts won’t matter until they matter. I wonder what historians fifty or one hundred years from now will say about this profoundly corrupt, aberrational, willfully ignorant episode in world history. How could we be so stupid, egotistical and disinterested in the fate of future generations by wasting the wealth of the unborn to live above our true means today? The selfishness, greed and myopia of those steering the ship of state, and the willingness of the masses to go along with the lies as long as they can be distracted and entertained by their phones is mind numbingly ludicrous in my opinion. …

The establishment has tried to shut me down with denial of service attacks, trying to get me fired from my job, cutting off my modest revenue stream, and trying to suppress my articles. They didn’t realize pissing me off is the exact opposite of what will work. It was my anger and outrage that drove me to start the blog. The anger directed inward results in depression. As long as I have enemies to fight, I’ll keep TBP alive and defying the forces I view as the enemy.

As my brain tells me the next phase of this Fourth Turning will be tumultuous, dangerous and bloody, my heart hopes I won’t have to face the tragedy and fateful choices that lie ahead. I doubt many people are mentally and emotionally prepared for tests on par with those about to be faced by Americans in 1860 and 1940. Note the 80- year gap. And understand 2020 is 80 years since the last major test of human fortitude and courage. I find myself pondering what trigger will ignite the next phase of this Crisis period.

A financial crash resulting in a bail-in from 401k holders to sustain the Wall Street cabal would push people into the streets (i.e. Hong Kong, Paris). A leftist president attempting to initiate national gun confiscation would provoke violence in the streets. Lastly, if the government tried to force my three sons to fight in a foreign war for oil, the gloves would come off and I’d take to the streets. I will continue to fight the establishment through the free thought allowed on my blog. It’s good ideas and freedom of thought which are the only hope for generating a positive outcome at the climax of this Fourth Turning. The gathering storm approaches. The tests ahead will try our souls.

An interesting article from a burned out blogger whose been at it for 11 years.