Boris Johnson humiliated as MPs take control in historic vote

Boris Johnson humiliated as MPs take control in historic vote, by Anne Barrowclough.

British MPs have won a crucial vote to take control of the Commons agenda on Thursday to push through legislation aimed at stopping a no-deal Brexit.

In a humiliation for Boris Johnson the vote — the first he has faced as Prime Minister — was passed 328 to 301, a much greater than expected majority of 27. In total, 21 Tories voted against the governmen …

The vote means legislation forcing Mr Johnson to secure a three month Brexit delay is likely to pass on Thursday.

Boris Johnson immediately confirmed he would table a motion to call a general election under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.

He said the vote meant parliament was “on the brink of wrecking any deal that we might be able to get in Brussels”. The bill, he said, would “hand control” of Brexit negotiations to the EU and bring “more dither, more delay, more confusion.”

The Prime Minister said he did not want an election but if MPs voted for the bill on Thursday the public would have to decide who went to Brussels on October 17.

“Everyone will know that if I am Prime Minister, I will go to Brussels, I will go for a deal and get a deal but if they won’t do a deal we will leave anyway on 31 October,” he told the Commons.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Labour would support an early election motion …

Perfectly right about this:

Mr Johnson warned the Commons if the coalition of Tory rebels and opposition parties succeeded in preventing a no-deal, it would “destroy any chance of a negotiation for a new deal” and allow “Brussels to dictate the terms of a negotiation”.

In a speech from Downing Street, he said such a move by MPs would “chop the legs out from under the UK” and make any further negotiation impossible. “I want everybody to know — there are no circumstances in which I will ask Brussels to delay,” he said.

Looks like a UK election is coming soon. Will a remainer Parliament be re-elected?