Iran: Rejecting hijab dooms woman to 24 years in prison

Iran: Rejecting hijab dooms woman to 24 years in prison. By Tarek Fatah.

You may never have heard of Saba Kord-Afshari, but the 20-year-old Iranian woman was sentenced to 24 years in prison by the Islamic Republic of Iran on Monday for the crime of defying the country’s ‘hijab law’ that forbids all women in Iran from displaying their uncovered head in public.

Kord-Ashrafi is just one of many courageous Iranian Muslim women who have defied the country’s mullahs and their female enforcers by observing what is now known as ‘White Wednesdays’ when girls and women take off their hijabs and bare their hair in public.

Her shocking conviction would have gone unnoticed and unreported had it been left to the mainstream media in Canada, who were too busy celebrating the cloth as exotic attire. …

As Iranian, Saudi and other Muslim women around the globe struggled for freedom from the hijab, which they consider a political symbol that has nothing to do with piety, the reaction among the liberal circles in the West was confounding. Here an increasing number of feminists, leftists and the liberal media glorified the hijab as some exotic symbol of women’s liberation that had to be embraced.

On the day Saba Kord-Afshari was imprisoned for 24 years for daring to dump her hijab, that same piece of headdress was depicted in positive light by the Toronto Star in a story on its financial pages about “How to put your investments where your social conscience is.” The story showed a smiling woman attired in hijab surrounded by words “ethics”, “integrity”, “respect”, “reliable”, “teamwork” and “ethics” rotating around her as she clicked a “Core Values” button in the centre.

Politically correct version: Crickets, because Islam can do no wrong, because Islamophobia is bad — only deplorables deplore seventh century Arab culture.