Banned by Big Oil — Jo Nova’s Christmas speech for geologists cancelled by Woodside

Banned by Big Oil — Jo Nova’s Christmas speech for geologists cancelled by Woodside. By Joanne Nova.

In March I was invited to present the FESAus Christmas function in December this year. They’re the Formation Evaluation Society of Australia, a non-for-profit volunteer organisation for Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts. A niche technical club of experts. It was unpaid, but I was happy to help make it fun and push some buttons. “Hot” graphs, cartoons and all.

Good enough for Munich, Oslo, London, New York, Sydney and Washington. Not so much, Perth.

But in June, suddenly it became controversial to make jokes about climate change. Committee members started resigning, and dummy-spit declarations were made that “a discussion about climate was stupid”. People were shaken. The chips were on the table, the members said “yes” but the committee was split. When decision time came, the key committee meeting was hijacked by an outsider from Woodside who turned up by surprise and darkly threatened that all funding or support for the professional organisation and all future speakers from Woodside would be withdrawn if that climate denier, Jo Nova, was allowed to speak.

So my presentation was cancelled, and by Woodside no less. What’s astonishing is the effort someone inside this 4 billion dollar revenue giant went to — to stop an unpaid blogger from speaking to a low profile, small technical organisation, with little, as in, almost zero, media influence. Seriously? As if a group of experienced geos were at risk of being badly influenced by yours truly — there are people who analyze seismic logs and signatures of key stratigraphic surfaces for fun. Does Woodside think they need “protection”? Or is Woodside just running chicken itself? …

Soft power character assassination of her dastardly husband:

Via emails, which I’ve seen, I was referred to as a climate denier, just a blogger, and whose husband was a holocaust denier. It was the full character assassination. We’ve heard it all before. Here’s our reply to one hapless media outlet that posted the anti-semitic allegations about Dr David Evans and then issued a complete apology. I still remember being impressed that the original article was deleted within the hour, late on a Friday night, and our explanation posted immediately. Despite that action, the baseless slurs persist. And what’s my husband got to do with me giving a presentation anyhow? (Where is a feminist when you need one?)

Evans, by the way is PhD, M.S. (E.E.), M.S. (Stats) [Stanford Uni] and a few more degrees, a medal, OK, I’m just showing off. But it doesn’t matter how many prizes you’ve won if the rumor mill circulates lies and innuendo and no one stands against it. Which is why I’m so glad that several people are pushing back. It takes courage when industry heavyweights turn up… especially when jobs are at risk.

Free speech, diversity of viewpoints, the search for the truth and all that. But who is that vile husband of Joanne? Obviously no virtuous person would have anything to do with that pair.

Anyway, the apology from the left wing site that smeared me is a beauty. But it still doesn’t stop the smears and lies circulating in left wing circles. But if I am damned anyway for having pointed out that the carbon dioxide theory of global warming is just theoretical and contradicted by a fair bit of hard evidence, I am free to say other factually-correct but non-PC things (except for 18C).