Hong Kong: police chase protesters into station, beat people on train, and arrest 63

Hong Kong: police chase protesters into station, beat people on train, and arrest 63. By Phia Siu.

In a predawn press conference, police made no apology for tough action taken by elite personnel who chased fleeing protesters onto a stationary train on Saturday night, clubbing people wearing masks with batons, pepper spraying them, and making arrests in unprecedented scenes of chaos. …

Video footage showed members of the Special Tactical Squad, known as “raptors”, charging into a stationary train at Prince Edward station on Saturday night.

During a confrontation with masked protesters trying to hold them off with umbrellas, officers were seen storming into the train and using batons to beat two young men and two women in masks who were crying and cowering on the ground. Another officer pepper sprayed them.

Other footage showed several commuters bleeding from head wounds, and officers tying up suspects who had been wrestled to the ground. …

“We disagree with the allegations that police officers entered the MTR stations to beat people up,” a police spokeswoman said, flatly rejecting accusations that they had behaved like “gangsters” and assaulted commuters indiscriminately.

“The officers used their professional experience to distinguish protesters who had changed clothes from ordinary commuters.” …

Many passengers complained about police using excessive force at Prince Edward station.

“The train stopped. Police boarded and hit me twice with a baton,” said a man who was bleeding from a head wound. “They didn’t arrest me. They were just venting their anger by hitting me.”

Obviously concentrating all the guns in the hands of the government is a really great idea — if you’re a lefty dictator.