The only socially acceptable racism today is racism against whites

The only socially acceptable racism today is racism against whites. By Bosch Fawstin.

Leftists keep saying, like a mantra, that “White Men Are Terrorists”. All white men? What about non-white men and women? This need to make evil things like terrorism appear to be somehow worse, by being “white”, is pathological, and racist, and characteristically leftist….

If we’re going to actually classify terrorism based on “race”, there is NO terrorism like “brown terrorism”, “brown” being the word that racist leftists use when they speak of other human beings, as all they see is color. And that’s why we keep hearing about “white terrorism”, because “brown terrorism” is so prevalent in the world.

If you criticize Islam and jihad, you get death threats and you’re smeared as a “racist Islamophobe”. If you rabidly criticize “white nationalist terrorism”, and talk it up as a “Major Threat”, you get a pat on the back from leftists. So it’s not surprising how many criticize “white nationalism”, and how few criticize Islam and jihad. …

The closest thing we have to Nazis today are Muslims who admire Hitler, and who hate Jews, but they’re ignored by those who place their fear of being called “racist Islamophobes” above the truth, and who spend an inordinate amount of time trying to make the case that there’s a “Nazi” threat in 2019. …

With racists always shoving race down our throats, here’s a thought: You can’t bitch and moan about “white privilege” when white people are the only people who can be openly and categorically trashed on the basis of skin color. …

Rags like the New York Times bitch and moan about so-called “white privilege”, and about racism, yet they happily publish a racist’s article titled “I Broke Up With Her Because She’s White”, when they’d Never publish “I Broke Up With Her Because She’s Black.” The reason leftists scream “white privilege” as loud as they possibly can, is to drown out the obvious reality that there’s No privilege today like Anti-White Privilege.

When the only socially acceptable racism is racism towards white people, it’s not a mystery why, all of a sudden, and with no proof, that “white supremacy” is spoken of as if it’s the only threat we face, while all other actual threats are ignored or downplayed.

Those who peddle the lie that “white terrorism” (whatever that means, as if “white” were an ideology) is a greater threat than Islamic terrorism, should produce for everyone the equivalent list of “white terrorist groups” (and not actual lone wolf terrorists) to match the very long list of Islamic terrorist groups below:

Al-Shabab (Africa)

Al Murabitun (Africa)

Al-Qeada (Afghanistan) …

[The list has 239 Islamic terrorist groups]

Leftists tell us that Islamic terrorist groups “aren’t Islamic”, but that individuals and groups who are Not “white nationalist”, are “white nationalist”. They refuse to acknowledge that jihadist attacks are all connected, whether they’re committed by individuals or groups, and are all part of a unified movement that jihadists acknowledge, but then they take it upon themselves to connect disparate shooters into a unified group based on “white” skin.

Some very anti-PC points. All obvious, if you think about it for a moment instead of just going along with the propaganda.