Brazil rejects G7 Amazon money

Brazil rejects G7 Amazon money, by Anca Gurzu.

G7 leaders, hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron in Biarritz, France, agreed Monday to set up a $20 million fund to help Brazil tackle the ravaging fires, which have sparked international concern and condemnation.

Brazil Ambassador’s to France Luís Fernando Serra said on French TV …“We refuse because we see interference. [It’s] help we didn’t ask for,” he said. “The G7 help was decided without Brazil.”

Reacting to the G7 aid offer, Onyx Lorenzoni, chief of staff to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro told Globo news website Monday evening: “Thanks, but maybe those resources are more relevant to reforest Europe.”

Lorenzoni added: “Macron cannot even avoid a predictable fire in a church that is part of the world’s heritage, and he wants to give us lessons for our country?” He was referencing the fire that hit Notre Dame cathedral in Paris in April.

UPDATE: Brazilian president demands apology before accepting $20M to help fight Amazon fires, by Erik Oritz.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said Tuesday that he will accept the offer of international aid to help fight the fires raging across the Amazon rainforest, but that French President Emmanuel Macron must first apologize to him.

Bolsonaro appeared offended by Macron’s comments related to his handling of the unfolding crisis in the Amazon, and wanted them retracted.

“And then we can speak,” he said, according to The Associated Press.

France and the international media have told a lot of lies about the extent and timing of the Amazon fires, presumably aimed at Bolsonaro. Nearly all the fires are farmers burning off at the best time of year.