Germany: Muslim Migrants Start Brawl Over Short Skirt

Germany: Muslim Migrants Start Brawl Over Short Skirt, by Bruce Bawer.

The principle is always and everywhere the same: in Muslim countries, one must conform one’s behavior to suit Islamic sensibilities. And in non-Muslim countries, one must conform one’s behavior to suit Islamic sensibilities. This was proven true again last Thursday in Duisberg, Germany, where a Muslim migrant thought a German woman’s skirt was too short, and started a brawl.

According to the German publication Waz, “Different views on the length of a skirt worn by a woman led to a fight between two groups in Duisburg. The police report a dispute over cultural differences, which began verbally and ended in a fistfight, in which a participant dislocated his shoulder.”

No establishment media source will ever dare to say what was really behind this kind of incident: not simply “cultural differences,” but religious beliefs.

A police spokeswoman, Jacqueline Grahl, explained: “The revealing style of clothing of a 50-year-old met with incomprehension in a 20-year-old.” Waz added: “According to information from our editorial team, the man who insulted the unknown woman and asked her why she had to present her legs in such a way is a Duisburger with Turkish roots. He was together with three other Duisburgers with Turkish roots in the Rheinpark.”

The German woman was not inclined to accept all this passively. Grahl continued: “The 50-year-old woman, in turn, also disagreed with the cultural habits of the 20-year-old and his acquaintances.” According to Waz, “She is said to have wondered loudly about his friends, why women and men in the other group were sitting separately.” Concluded Grahl: “The mutual lack of understanding about cultural differences escalated until it ended in a brawl.” …

Some Muslims in Germany believe that “whores” or “sluts” are there for the taking. Another German-language news site, Philosophia Perennis, reported Friday that “in Munich, a group of Afghans insulted several people, violently attacked them with kicks and punches, and kicked a nurse who did not want to have sex with one of the Afghans. After their arrest, they were abusive toward the police.” The incident involved a 20-year-old Muslim migrant and a 32-year-old German woman: “The unnamed companion of the 20-year-old sat down to the left of the 32-year-old and told her that he needed a wife. He touched the 32-year-old on the thigh. The 32-year-old got up right after the contact and said she would call the police. From the left side, the 20-year-old walked towards the woman and kicked her abruptly with his right foot against the left side of her face.” …

The Qur’an provides an Islamic justification for these mass rapes and assaults that has never been discussed in the establishment media, or at any governmental level in any country. Such a discussion could have important implications for how to persuade the migrants to stop behaving in this manner, and how easy it will be to do so, but this discussion cannot be had: it’s “Islamophobic.” Feminists have been completely indifferent, even though what women face in Europe is far more serious than the plight of women in the U.S. today. Fear of being labeled an “Islamophobe” apparently trumps even feminism’s core concerns.

Girl power, what a feminist joke.