Double Standards of a Sydney Marxist conference

Double Standards of a Sydney Marxist conference, by Lucas Rosas.

On the weekend, Australia’s largest political extremist group held their Sydney conference. In attendance were a former Greens Senator, a Guardian columnist, the founder of the so-called “Safe-schools” program and academics from La Trobe and RMIT. And the media didn’t say a word.

To reiterate. A group that openly declares that it wants to overthrow the government of Australia and implement a totalitarian state held a conference in Sydney attended by a prominent member of Australia’s third largest political party, a journalist from a major media organisation, and lecturers from our institutions of higher education. And nobody in the mainstream media even bothered to report on it. …

For those who haven’t guessed yet the extremist group in question is Socialist Alternative. The former Greens Senator is Lee Rhiannon. The Guardian columnist is Jeff Sparrow and the academics are Roz Ward, Liam Ward and a plethora of others.

Anti-bullying advocate Roz Ward harasses bystander

Roz Ward, the safe-schools founder, at work in Melbourne

Socialist Alternative is a Revolutionary Marxist organisation. We know this because on their website in the section titled “Statement of principles” the first sentence reads, “Socialist Alternative is a Revolutionary Marxist organisation”.

It doesn’t get a lot more cut and dried than that. Not a lot of mystery here. These people are old style Communists and proud of it.

To be more specific Socialist Alternative are Trotskyists, that group of Marxists who believe that the Soviet Union would have worked out just fine if Trotsky and not Stalin had been the winner of the power struggle that occurred after Lenin’s death. …

The hypocrisy:

It’s worth asking if there are any journalists at the Guardian who aren’t former Trotskyists (Jeff Sparrow, Gary Younge, Paul Mason) or the children of Marxists (Owen Jones, Martin Kettle) or openly self declared current Marxists (Van Badham) or Anarchist PR agents (Jason Wilson).

If a right wing outlet employed former Nazis, the right wing children of Nazis and self-proclaimed neo Nazis they’d probably be left without a press pass (and rightfully so). …

Who won the Cold War?

Ms Ward was removed from her role advising the Victorian government on education policy (and was briefly suspended from her teaching position at La Trobe University) after stating of the rainbow flag flying over the Victorian parliament that: “Now we just need to get rid of the racist Australian flag on top of state parliament and get a red (Communist) one up there and my work is done.” …

The truth is that the West never won the Cold War. The Soviet Union may have collapsed under the weight of its own economic absurdities but we in the West allowed Marxists to stay in positions of power inside our university system. They have for thirty years now been instrumental in shaping the worldview of an entire generation of worth of lawyers, social workers, public servants, union leaders, economists, filmmakers, teachers, diplomats, journalists as well as the hierarchies of the police and security services.

You can’t win a culture war if you allow the greatest enemies of your culture to teach generations of your children what their culture is. Until the Marxists are thrown out of the academy and into the gutter where they belong the culture will continue to shift to the left, and Australia will continue to lose our sense of who we are.