Firestorm of Fake News: “convenient” global hysteria about Amazon based on nothing but twitter pics

Firestorm of Fake News: “convenient” global hysteria about Amazon based on nothing but twitter pics, by Joanne Nova.

Global Fire Data shows this year is unequivocally a low fire season in the Amazon. But social media tears and outrage is running at 1000% driven by fake photos and fake facts of the Amazon producing “20% of our planet’s oxygen”.

And the so-called media experts at the ABC fell for nothing more than hyped rumours and fauxtrage. They didn’t check the data, didn’t ask hard questions. …

Macron lies

The photo he used? It’s a stock photo from Loren McIntyre, a photographer who died in 2003. …

Brazil? Oh, you mean where right-wing nationalist Bolsinaro recently took over from a corrupt leftist administration? Ah, the motive…

Many people have a reason to want Bolnasaro to look bad: In May Bolnasaro withdrew an offer to host a United Nations Latin America and Caribbean climate week. In the same week, the president fired self-confessed “militant environmentalist” Alfredo Sirkis, then-leader of The Brazil Forum for Climate Change. He also declared a 30 percent funding cut to maintenance costs of Brazil’s state-owned universities. Three weeks ago, Brazil’s INPE Space director was sacked. The INPE have been the source of the dire data used in some media stories. But Bolnaro said the data was “not consistent with reality”, accused the head of the INPE of “lies” and working for an NGO. On the 13th August Germany announced plans to withdraw some €35 million due to the country’s lack of commitment to curbing deforestation . On August 15, Norway suspended donations too.

The data:

The tally of fire counts here is up to data for August 22, 2019. Emissions are preliminary estimates based on fire counts, but the graph shows just how ordinary, normal and boring 2019 is.

The media:

Right at the end of the BBC news article the last line hints that the whole event is unwarranted. Why is this just an “add on”?

“US space agency Nasa, meanwhile, has said that overall fire activity across the Amazon basin this year has been close to the average compared to the past 15 years.”

20% of the world’s oxygen? Really? Even the Guardian won’t repeat that nonsense:

Do we need to worry about oxygen?
No. Although some reports have claimed the Amazon produces 20% of the world’s oxygen, it is not clear where this figure originated. The true figure is likely to be no more than 6%, according to climate scientists such as Michael Mann and Jonathan Foley. Even if it were accurate, the crops being planted in the cleared forest areas would also produce oxygen – quite likely at higher levels. So although the burning of the rainforest is worrying for many reasons, there is no need to worry about an oxygen shortage.

Between 50% and 85% of the worlds oxygen comes from phytoplankton. There are rainforests in Indonesia, Africa, Australia, PNG, …

The politics:

Right wing leaders might cause fires, left wing leaders go unnamed.

Buried in a Guardian story is the admission that there are also huge fires in Bolivia which has a “leftwing populist president.” The Guardian writer uses that to claim this is not a political witchhunt, yet the fact that no one is hounding the Bolivian leader shows that that is exactly what this is. …

Lest you think The Guardian is doing a good job or reporting the news impartially, most of the article is fanning the flames of hyperbole, with a few plausible-deniability-caveats carefully worded for cover. Instead of exposing how baseless it is, Johnathon Watts uses the fake news, amplified by green NGO groups to… push political activism, and raise funds for the same hyperventilating NGO’s …

The Australian ABC, paid 3 million dollars a day, just propagates the hype in a preachy politicized teacher-mode, copied off The Conversion site. Thus does a PhD student’s analysis get fed through to our national pravda news service: Amazon rainforest fire: Five things you need to know. None of those five things include the G7, the fake stats or the fake photos. No questions are asked or even allowed at the ABC. Why do we need it?

This reminds me of the homelessness issue in the US. From the early ’80s and Ronald Reagan, whenever there was a Republican President the media would talk up the homelessness problem. But when there was a Democrat President they would scarcely mention it. Subtle. Eventually they dropped it because everyone caught on and it just made them look too biased.