White Germans Under Siege

White Germans Under Siege, by Stephen Brown.

It is a situation that the left-leaning German media averts its eyes from because it disrupts the multicultural idyll it promotes: that Germans are, overwhelmingly, the victims of migrant crime.

But leftist journalists’ looking away does not prevent German police from putting the real face on this terrible situation.

Germans were more often the victim of a crime committed by a migrant than the other way around,” stated Germany’s Federal Crime Office in a publication titled “Criminality in the Context of Migration.”

And crime statistics provided by the German national newspaper, Die Welt, unfortunately, bear this out. The Federal Crime Office stated that in 2018 230 Germans fell victim to the crimes of murder and manslaughter, committed by a least one migrant suspect, while 33 asylum seekers were killed by German suspects.

The Federal Crime Office’s statistics in the area of sexual assault are even worse. In 2018, police recorded 3,261 sexual assaults against German women by migrants, a 21 percent increase over 2017, while 33 women asylum seekers were sexually assaulted by Germans.

All this is in contrast to 2017 where 13 Germans were killed by asylum seekers, while others were victims of attempted murder. No asylum seekers were killed by Germans that year. Also in 2017, police recorded 2,706 German victims of migrant sexual crimes, while 74 asylum seekers were victims of sex crimes committed by Germans. …

“The criminals are overwhelmingly of Turkish or Arab background and the victims are overwhelmingly German,” noted [Karen Hiesig, a German youth court judge in Berlin]. “The brutality has increased extremely. I myself, who have been a judge for 16 years, have been in part alarmed in what form it has taken against the victim.”

Hiesig goes on to state in her book that repeat criminals with 30 “serious” crimes are 90 per cent foreigners; 45 per cent are of Arab background, and 34 per cent are Turkish. …

Hieisg, who led a very courageous life, was noted for handing out tough sentences to migrant criminal youths … This may have been the cause of her death as she was found hanging from a tree in a Berlin forest. The police ruled it very quickly a suicide, but none of her legal colleagues believed it. They suspect one of Berlin’s Arab or Turkish criminal clans may have killed her in retaliation for the tough sentences she was giving to their younger members. …

“According to the victim protection organization ‘White Ring,’” Ulfkotte writes, “every third German elementary school child goes to school with fear of mobbing, beatings, robbery extortion. And those who beat, rob and extort are often children of migrants.

And while every school child should love recess, not so in Germany. Again, according to Ulfkotte, “every third pupil fears going to the schoolyard for recess” because of violence from mainly migrant children.

In the US, about 50% of homicides are committed by blacks males of military age, who make up 4% of the population. Black on white violence runs at over ten times white on black violence. Dare we mention the genetic basis for that, in the distribution of the genes for aggression?