1619: Founding Fallacies

1619: Founding Fallacies, by Steve Sailer.

Last week, Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The New York Times, informed his staffers that due to the collapse of their conspiracy to overthrow the president by disseminating their Russian conspiracy theory, the Times was pivoting to Plan B: to dump Trump by promoting their racism conspiracy theory.

As reassurance that this latest intrigue would not fizzle as ignominiously as the Times’ previous machination, Baquet proudly pointed to their 1619 Project. …

The consequences of slavery found in … Melbourne Australia!

Polite discourse today demands that we attribute the continued racial distinctiveness of African-Americans—such as their low average wealth and test scores and their high average crime rates—to the Peculiar Institution in order that white Americans be blamed, demoralized, divided, and exploited.

Yet, all over the world, sub-Saharan African communities tend to share somewhat similar characteristics. For example, Melbourne, Australia, of all places, now has a black crime problem.

In the past, you could say that one of the things that makes America unique, that makes America different even from its cultural cousin Australia, is that the latter didn’t have blacks.

But now Australia does have blacks. And somehow the Aussies have also gotten themselves the “consequences of slavery.”

Down Under’s new troubles with black gangs must be the fault of white Americans 400 years ago. It can’t be due to conditions in Africa over the past 70,000 years. That’s unthinkable. …

And therefore whites must pay. (As everybody knows, what it’s really all about is money.)