The New York Times Launches a Major Campaign to Smear Whites

The New York Times Launches a Major Campaign to Smear Whites, by Rod Dreher.

I decided to finally cancel my subscription to The New York Times …

I cancelled over the “1619” project, for reasons I brought up here, and for reasons Damon Linker explains in his column. It’s not that the Times devoted a lot of resources to a project about slavery and the American experience. That would have been a public service. It’s that the Times made the editorial decision that … well, here, let them tell it:

The Times says that the “true founding” of America was slavery. We got more context for newspaper’s decision to “reframe the country’s history” when someone leaked a transcript of a town hall meeting inside the newspaper. What you see in that transcript is the leading news organization in America surrendering itself to wokeness — that is, to the ideological priorities of left-wing activism. …

Like the Soviets:

I have spent this summer researching life under Communist totalitarianism for my next book. One of the basic features, I found, is that all of life was to be interpreted through the ideology of Marxism-Leninism. Anybody who knows anything about Soviet and Eastern European Communism knows this is true, but when you get into the weeds, you see how this played out. It was an ideological black hole that warped all the light that passed around it. Every bit of data had to be conformed to fit Marxist dogma, to show how reality bears witness to the truth of Marx’s genius. Eventually reality exposes the lies … but it can take a long time, and incredible damage can be done. …

The central lie to this campaign:

Now, The New York Times has institutionally accepted that the “true founding” of the United States was in slavery. Understand that the paper is not merely claiming that the institution of slavery was present from the beginning of what would become the US, and that it was an important factor in the development of American history. The paper is claiming that slavery was the point of it all.

Full time anti-white racism:

The New York Times is going to devote itself to radicalizing the United States along racial lines. It will propagate the narrative that the engine driving American life is the efforts of white people to maintain supremacy, and the resistance of People of Color, and their allies, to white supremacy. Everything the paper reports will theoretically be filtered through that distorting lens, because the leadership of The New York Times believes it to be true. I don’t know this for a fact, but knowing newspapers as I do, I’d bet that there are professional journalists within that news organization who do not share these beliefs, and who in fact are worried about the direction of the newspaper. Not conservatives, but old-school liberals. And I bet they are now afraid to speak out, afraid that they will be denounced as fellow travelers of white supremacy if they do.

This isn’t, ultimately, about slavery. Not at all. This is about a great and vital American journalism institution surrendering its integrity and its reputation to the radical left. What has started at the Times will not remain at the Times. You need to understand that. Within the relatively small world of American journalism, senior newsroom leaders, in print and broadcast, are looking at what the Times is doing with this project with admiration, even envy. As usual in American journalism, where the Times leads, its acolytes around the country will follow.

And where the US leads culturally, Australia follows.

The New York Times is setting out to make whites appear uniquely bad. Facts are no impediment. The solution is obvious.

Check out this leftist activist: