Climate failures cost us: ALP election review

Climate failures cost us: ALP election review, by Troy Bramston.

A confidential submission to the party’s post-election review from the Labor Environment ­Action Network, obtained by The Australian, expresses “anger and disappointment”, and also “grief”, over the party’s failure to win what was expected to be an unlosable election. The submission is brutal about policy, political and leadership failures.

“Labor was unable to put a price on its climate change action plan,” a LEAN member says in the submission. “It couldn’t say how much it would cost, where the money was coming from or what economic dividend it would deliver or save. It is basic Australian politics — how much, who pays, what does it save. We had no answers.” …

LEAN has called for Labor to reconsider its “specific climate change policies” and how they are communicated …

Really, who would have guessed, with all that public money and encouragement:

“Labor’s policies were generally well received by the climate change, environment and ­renewables ‘industries’,” the submission notes.

Shame about all the real industries that make goods and services that people want. They all pay for this nonsense.

Labor lost yet another election over climate. Shame they didn’t do a bit of due diligence. They would have discovered that the case for the carbon dioxide theory of global warming is paper thin.

Here is Bill Shorten in 2015:

No area of scientific inquiry in the past 30 years has been more rigorously tested, scrutinized and peer-reviewed. So let’s not pretend we have an obligation to give equal weight, coverage and credence to the babble of denialist militia. We don’t need to ‘believe’ in gravity, we know it exists. We don’t need to ‘believe’ smoking causes cancer and heart disease, we understand it is a medical fact. We don’t need to ‘believe’ asbestos kills, we see it does. And because we know climate change is real, we all have obligation to act.

Utter bollocks. There was no public scrutiny, except by President Carter’s Charney Committee in 1979. No royal commissions, no public inquiry into the science, no red teams, no due diligence, no nothing. Just the bureaucrats of the administrative state and their follow travelers looking to expand their reach, suppressing any criticism of their favorite, self-serving theory.

Current Labor are not fit to run anything, let alone a country. How are they going to react to the forthcoming news that the theory about carbon dioxide is just due to a technical error made in the 1960s? Not well, I suspect.