‘Wall Street Journal Never Saw an American Job It Didn’t Want to Offshore’

‘Wall Street Journal Never Saw an American Job It Didn’t Want to Offshore’. By John Binder.

President Trump’s chief trade adviser Peter Navarro hit back at the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, saying they “never saw an American job” they “didn’t want to offshore.” …

“The question for the Wall Street Journal is ‘Where was the Wall Street Journal beginning in 2001 when China got into the World Trade Organization (WTO) and we watched the exodus of over 70,000 of our factories, over five million of manufacturing jobs,’” Navarro asked. “‘Why hasn’t the Wall Street Journal been editorializing over the last ten years about China’s hacking our computers to steal trade secrets, about stealing our intellectual property, about forcing the technology transfer from our companies, about the currency manipulation that occurred for over a decade?’”

“It’s called the Wall Street Journal for a reason. It represents Wall Street,” Navarro said. “And the Wall Street Journal never saw an American job it didn’t want to offshore.”

Indeed, U.S. free trade with China has eliminated about 3.4 million American jobs from the economy between 2001 and 2017 — costing workers their jobs in all fifty states. The most recent study conducted by the Coalition for a Prosperous America found that permanent 25 percent tariffs on all Chinese imports would create more than a million U.S. jobs by 2024.

Same goes for Australia, with the obvious translations.

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